Renewing Villages

My Villiage, My Mission

Community Outreach

  1. Snack program. This is the entry point into local villages. Church outreach workers will gather village children by serving them a snack and teaching them Bible stories provided in Sunday school and treat them with a snack.


2. Gospel sharing. The church outreach worker will endeavor to gather parents of children participating in the snack program inorder to share our Seven Promises of Christ evangelistic program.

3. Village values formation. The church outreach worker will also endeavor to conduct seminars in the Village Hall for village residents in cooperation with the education committee chair of the village council:

    1. Fight Corruption for the village council and other LGU offices in the village
    2. Say No! for the teens in the community
    3. Christian Marriage for young adults in the community
    4. Christian Parenting for the parents in the community