Renewing the Philippines

Empowering Filipinos for Ministry

Philippine Biblical Worldview Institute

The teaching fellowship of Filipino Authors

Every Church a Study Center

We help your church become a center for seminary-level learning.

Lambat Learning Center

We help your church become a center for learning how to teach kids and teenagers

Educating You

Our courses are written by Filipinos for Filipinos in order to meet the unique challenges the Filipino church faces. We offer courses to learn the Word of God and its application in our culture. Earn your certificate in Christian Ministries, Christian Theological Studies, Biblical Studies, Christian Worldview or your Bachelors Degree in Biblical Christianity.

Turn Your Church Into a Study Center

Lack of access to a seminary should never prevent one from advancing their ability to minister to the next level.

We can help transform your local church into a local Study Center by providing you with a seminary-level curriculum.

Empower your Values Formation Program

A centerpiece to any community should be their Values Formation program. We can empower you with an established Values Formation program that you can plug right into your community.

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Let’s work together to Renew the Philippines

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