Turn Your Church Into a Biblical Study Center

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Church Study Center

We enable local churches function as a study center where pastors can disciple their whole congregation and grow teachers, outreach workers, deacons and elders by transforming their local church into an education center.

  1. In-church. The pastor operates the study center. He will appoint his own registrar who will take care of student’s registration and homework. He has the prerogative to invite students outside his own local church.
  2. Online. The pastor will provide the website links for PBWI modules that his students would need. A module is composed of videos, manuscripts and homework.
  3. Student-driven. The student will be able to create his own study schedule at his own pace and available time. The length of time to accomplish one certificate program will depend solely on student. He will submit his homework to the appointed registrar.
  4. Tutorial. The pastor will be the tutor of the students enrolled in his study center. He will be responsible in answering questions that the student may encounter during the course of his study. This tutor-student time may be done via Messenger or any other media platform that they could agree on.